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Dirty airplane window August 14, 2009

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This airplane window was so scratched up and dirty, my camera couldn't auto-focus past it.  Another thing to note about this photo is that prominent brown patch out on the wing which indicates a peeled surface.  It would seem that this aircraft has been in the service long.  So as I was sitting there, on this particular ride, staring at the brown spot, the thought which came to mind while I was also puzzling about the aircraft material that the peeled surface revealed was how much passengers really weighed in the scheme of the airline industry's scale of risks and benefits.  I succeeded in disturbing myself.

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Shadows on the wall July 19, 2009

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If worm holes existed, shadows on the wall would be them. This comes
from the realization that shadows on the wall on a bright, breezy
summer day are potent stimuli for the mind which in turn sends a
momentary, paralyzing current through the body. They evoke so much of
the past, not so much in terms of actual memories, but in a sensation
of the past. It is a wonderful trick of the mind, more so considering
that the silently swaying shadows don’t last very long, can be gently
wiped away by a determined passing cloud. Everything, in one fleeting

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