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Star Trek TNG Season 1 June 30, 2009

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Seven DVDs, twentiy-five episodes, plus extras.  Lots of fun.

See the full gallery on posterous

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Engage June 12, 2009

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Jean-Luc Picard

Well it’s what he would say, isn’t it? No, I don’t quite meet the high standards of a Trekkie, but I do love Star Trek. The Original Series and The Next Generation were especially good and are my favorites. I also like Voyager. Well, why wouldn’t I, with it’s very capable female ship’s captain who sounds like Katharine Hepburn? I really should get those DVD sets which I’ve been eyeing for a while—it’ll be really fun to go through the episodes. And get some Hepburn movies, too, while I’m at it.

Well, I really just wanted to kick off the blog, so there it is. Let us boldly go.