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Cheaper moles August 29, 2009

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I had recently read about Piccadilly notebooks while I was browsing the web trying to satisfy my notebook fixation.  They are basically Moleskine notebooks in design, at less than half the price.  (Here is a review from Black Cover, entitled "Proving Moleskine is Just a Style: The Piccadilly Notebook".)  They are available at Borders bookstores.  Today, I dropped by the local Borders and picked up three of them:  Two small (3.5 x 5.5 in.) notebooks and a large (7.25 x 10 in.) one.  The notebooks with blue labels in the photo are ruled, soft-cover notebooks, while the one with a yellow label is a graph, hard-cover notebook.  It also comes in a style with blank pages, but I did not see those on the bookshelf that I was browsing.  A medium size is also available, which is the same size as the medium Moleskine.

When I compared the paper of the Piccadilly to that of my Moleskines, I realized that the Piccadilly paper (acid-free) is thicker.  When I tested my very wet fountain pens on the Piccadilly, the paper did much better than the Moleskine paper, which actually did terribly on the fountain pen test.

Borders is having a sale this weekend, so the small notebooks went for a penny less than $4, while the large notebooks were a penny less than $6.  So my total cost for the three notebooks was less than the price of a medium-sized Moleskine.  Thank goodness.

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