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Fun at the museum June 23, 2009

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(Note:  Since Gmail seems to have botched my inline images, I am resending this using attachments.  Tsk, Gmail.)

Today I spent a fun day at the American Museum of Natural History.  Boy did I have a blast—the kind of blast that kids have at these kinds of places.  The things one encounters at this museum are exactly the kinds of things that inspired my imagination and awe when I was a kid, and it was good to feel that way again.  (If you knew my profession, that would seem like an odd statement from me, but actually it would be revealing, as it was to me.)  I have been to this museum once before and I didn't remember it to be this much fun then.  I think part of the reason is that I went alone this time and so had the benefit of being left to my own thoughts and musings and to my own insatiable curiosity which was uninhibited.  That and a few other things.

I pretty much spent the whole day there, from museum opening to closing times.  Lunch was from the museum's food court which had a decent salad bar.  It also had the expected fare of burgers, pizza, and hot dogs, but I went for the salad bar.  By that time I was really hungry since I had skipped breakfast.  My fare consisted of lettuce, artichokes, cherry tomatoes, strips of grilled chicken (a little dry), hard boiled egg, some roasted red potatoes, and just a little penne pasta.  These all went into a small plate and which weighed in at around $15 including the soda water.  There was also a selection of desserts which I skipped.  It was a little hard to find a seat since the place was full.  It's not really a place to hang out in, but where one eats in a hurry and then goes to see some more of the museum.  It was also pretty noisy.

The first photo shows the main lobby of the museum—the "Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall"—where one buys tickets.  (My Lumix has a fairly wide angle, but still not quite wide enough for really large dinosaurs.)  I snapped the photo right before I walked out the door.  The second photo is that of the display hall for the "North American Mammals" exhibit.  I'll post some more photos and musings when I get the chance.

See the full gallery on posterous

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